We’re so excited to go on this FREE Creative Adventure with you June 10th-June 13th.
Together we’re going to navigate through the Seas of Infinite Possibilities and travel into new Creative Frontiers. 

In the meantime to prepare for The Art Medicine VOYAGE…

Make sure you add me (info@alexiscohen.org) to your contacts so all of the event reminders and details land directly in your inbox! Check your spam folder if you don’t see the welcome email in your inbox! Look for the subject line: ‘Art Medicine Voyage Registration and Important Details’.
Get your art supplies ready! Please use whatever you have around the house. If you feel called to gather some new supplies, listen to that too. There may be a new style or modality calling to you. 

See you in the Facebook group immediately! We are already there and ready to connect and create together. 

See you soon!

In creative solidarity,

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