A Monthly Art Medicine Adventure

Enchanted traveler! -

Your art has the power to heal and transform!

The creative power - inside of you- is nudging YOU into your next level of devotion, practice and impact.


Through the Portal there’s a Creative Oasis filled with….

- Journeys into Spirit
- Devotional art
- Healing & transformation
- The Divine Wisdom of the natural and mystical worlds

Your Big Impact on the world awaits

- and you hold the key…

Through the Portal there’s a Creative Oasis filled with….

- Journeys into Spirit
- Devotional art
- Healing & transformation
- The Divine Wisdom of the natural and mystical worlds.

Your Big Impact on the world awaits

- and you hold the key…

We are living in uncertain times.

And you’re being called to light the way!

A strong connection to your creativity, Spirit and community anchors you to an INFINITE SOURCE OF SECURITY and to your KNOWING.

It’s from this place that you can clearly create what’s in your heart.

It's time to take the journey HOME. To your creative power.
Your MAGIC. To your SPARKLING TRUE SELF that makes your
inner child jump with JOY!

You stand at the threshold.

A Devotional Art Adventure

is waiting for you... Will you step through?

When you enter the Art Medicine Circle You’ll...

  • Unlock your creative freedom
  • Release obstacles that have held you back
  • Make the Impact You were born to make

Each Month You Will Receive:

A LIVE Immersive Art Journey

A 60-90 minute Community Virtual Art Making & Mentoring Session with a new theme and creative realm each month. We will open the portal to natural and mystical lands, journey to their guides, create art inspired by our exploration. This is available Live and Recorded.

Value $200 monthly

A 5 Day Devotional Art Expedition

5 consecutive days of recorded video prompts that allow YOU to go more deeply into the month’s devotional art theme and realm. You will be inspired and supported you as you dive more deeply into your transformation, healing, and creative mission. And it will be FUN!

Value $200 monthly

Your Guide Book

A magical workbook at that beginning of each month’s Creative journey. You will dive into simple, short creative prompts to get your creative juices flowing, reflect on your monthly journeys, and integrate them into your daily life and creative vision.

Valued $100 monthly

Private Art Medicine Circle Community

This is where YOU’LL be surrounded by your tribe of MAGIC MAKERS. This is the space where we come together in community to share wisdom, art, inspiration and receive accountability and support.

This is a completely loving and accepting place where you may find yourself sharing insights you have shared with your closest loved ones. It’s safe to be magical here!

Valued $100 monthly

+Other Art Medicine Circle Bonuses

+A LIBRARY of all of the previous Monthly Creative journeys so you can travel at your own pace

+Art Medicine Circle ACCESS to all LIVE WORKSHOPS and EVENTS offered by Artist Ascension

+ON DEMAND Access to the Painted Portal Art Journey

Value $1500

Total yearly value: $8700

There are 2 ways you get to step through
the Art Medicine Circle Today:

Commit to a year

$88 monthly for 12 months

Pay Month to Month

$111 You can cancel at anytime

Offer Expires on Tuesday December 22nd at noon pacific

Alexis brings her magic and holds the space for us to explore our spiritual gifts. This is a playful, lighthearted place to express art in a different way. As a Newbie, I am finding a supportive group in which to share my work--which I was afraid to put out into the world before. 

~Gayle S

"....I’m new to painting and connecting to spirit guides, yet Alexis makes it so accessible and safe to open to the experience. And the community is a safe container to share and feel supported. So far, I’m discovering a freedom to be messy in my creative process, a commitment to show up for my creativity and art practice, and a willingness to open to the unknown and play in it."

~Alice G.

"The journey has been a magical exploration of self through art making, poetry, journeying in a supportive safe community. It feels like entering the new world with fellow travellers each on our own journey and collectively . It is a model for the New Earth."

~Heather B.

"Art Medicine Circle is a space of nurturing, support, guidance and love, love love. The monthly cycles flow beautifully, allowing time to explore ourselves and our vision, create, make art or birth new vision, rest, integrate and expand at our own pace..."

~ Claire W.

Here’s what happens

once you step through the threshold:

-You’ll receive a welcome email that will have your login information for the Art Medicine Circle and an invite to the private Facebook community.

-In the Art Medicine Circle you will be welcomed by a big ol’ (virtual) HUG and the schedule for the LIVE Art Journeys and Prompts.       

Imagine a place where…

-Your unique creativity is celebrated and witnessed
-You breakthrough creative barriers, fear and doubts
-You share your Divine Magic and Beautiful Visions with the world!

Commit to a year

$88 monthly for 12 months

Pay Month to Month

$111 You can cancel at anytime

Offer expires on Tuesday December 22nd at noon pacific

You may have a question or two...

How long does the Art Medicine Circle program last?

The Art Medicine Circle is designed for a traveller to journey with us for a year at a time and there are two options. We offer a year commitment option. I am a fan of this one personally. Not only is there a reduced rate but I find that when a traveller commits to the whole journey there is a deepening and a relaxation that occurs knowing that you are held and supported for the year.

With that said, you know what is best for you. If you feel like you would like to take it month to month you can choose the second option.

And if you want to keep going longer than a year, we will have more creative adventures on the horizon for YOU and you're grand-mothered in at the same rate you signed up.

What do I do if I’m nervous about money?

I totally understand. I’ve been in that place many times. This is a moment where you are valuing yourself as a creative and magic maker. It can feel like a big leap to say YES to yourself and your Creative Spirit.

What I have found over and over again that when I take steps in the direction of my YES and value my creativity above all else new ideas and possibilities come streaming in and I don’t feel nervous anymore.

My programs typically run about $9,000-10,000 a year/ $800-$1,000 per month) so I wanted to design a program and experience for our community that was affordable WHILE I delivered content and support on par with my high end programs.

And…there are no contracts so no extra money is owed if you step out.

What is the time commitment for the Art Medicine Circle?

This is the beauty of the Art Medicine Circle…it meets you exactly where you are and designed to weave into your life supporting you to flow and bring your Magic into your everyday.

Depending on how much you’d like to immerse yourself in the process is up to you. On average I’d say about 1-2 hours a week give or take.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to reach out to me and my team at info@alexiscohen.org and we will be happy to support you!

Your Guide

Alexis is the founder of Art Medicine, LLC. She a visionary artist and creativity mentor. She is also a shamanic practitioner and healer practicing for over 15 years.  She has a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State, and studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Art and Center for Creative Exploration- both schools are in San Francisco.

She received her Shamanic and hypnotherapy certifications at Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley and ran a thriving Depth Hypnosis practice for 10 years. Depth Hypnosis is a healing modality that combines Shamanism, Transpersonal Psychology, hypnotherapy and Tibetan Buddhist Psychology.

She also supported 300 new souls entering the world during her decade long career as a birth doula!

“When the world is feeling hard and I’m grinding I remember that things tend to flow so much more easily when I remember my magic and bring color, play and joy in the situation. Creative Play + Depth = Magic!

So excited to explore new creative frontiers with you!”

Commit to a year

$88 monthly for 12 months

Pay Month to Month

$111 You can cancel at anytime

Offer expires on Tuesday December 22nd at noon pacific

It’s time to step into your creative power

Breakthrough those fears and doubts

And make the impact you’re here to make

And all in the Spirit of fun and adventure!