Jane "Astara" Ashley

Published Priestess: The Power of Getting Your Written Work into the World

CEO and Publisher of Flower of Life Press, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

First and foremost, Jane “Astara” Ashley is a Publisher: words and books the catalysts fueling her journey, and enlightening the expansive tribe of “Evolutionaries” who are searching for a better life for themselves and their families. Flower of Life Press began with a conversation, and a challenge: how can we create an author-focused company that is dynamic and entrepreneurial, a true home for the “voices of transformation” we are committed to? Jane has walked this road for more than ten years, and Flower of Life Press has mirrored her path through the maze of life’s challenges. Along the way, she has gathered a group of authors around the sacred fire of truth and shepherded their wise words into books, brands, speeches, and powerful marketing platforms. Jane is the founder of the best-selling New Feminine Evolutionary book series, which consists of six collaborative books and hundreds of authors. Through these potent writing collaborations, Jane holds a sacred container for women to claim their power and their voice.

Books are just one facet of Jane's true passion: helping women elevate their consciousness, lives, and businesses by distilling their essence and creating resonance and connection through their messages. Since truly authentic writing requires a deepened resonance, the job of Publisher has been redefined by Jane’s own expansion into becoming a multi-dimensional Divine Feminine Leader, and a 13-Moon Mystery school Priestess Initiate. It is this immersion in energy dynamics and spirituality that distinguishes her work and elevates her author’s experiences beyond a traditional publishing relationship.

In order to better serve her Global clientele of authors and entrepreneurs, Jane has just unveiled her Signature writing course “Published Priestess”—full of the inspiration and instruction that has helped so many writers overcome blocks, uncover truths, and step forward into the global conversation.

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Vandana Atara

Sacred Femininity-Divine Masculinity Embodiment

Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom but these energies often become imbalanced, silenced or shut down.  

The good news is that in this 5D reality, you can heal your 3D feminine & masculine, masks & roles & own your true identity.

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These encoded frequency transmissions allow you to heal yourself, fall in love & marry your higher self, I AM Presence & Trusted Twin Flame.

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