Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova 

Initiation through the Elements

Since 1982 Elena has been inspiring people all over the world to bring Consciousness into making and raising children. She was one of the organizers of the birth camps at the Black Sea in Russia, where women gave birth in shallow lagoons, in the presence of wild dolphins. She is the founder and director of Birth Into Being International,  making her Method available in many countries and training other facilitators.

Elena is the creator of the revolutionary documentary 'Birth As We Know It’(2006; 3,5 hr long DVD). She is a Spiritual Midwife to thousands of people, perfecting her “Birth Into Being” Method, training other facilitators, who are now using her Method in 22 countries in all major languages.

Elena is featured in the recently released UN-sponsored book, “Force Such As the World Had Never Known - Women Creating Change,” as one of the 30 most influential grassroots women in the world. She recently received the 'Legendary Leader' Award and was a featured keynote speaker at countless conferences. More info: www.BirthIntoBeing.com

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Vandana Atara

Sacred Femininity-Divine Masculinity Embodiment

Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom but these energies often become imbalanced, silenced or shut down.  

The good news is that in this 5D reality, you can heal your 3D feminine & masculine, masks & roles & own your true identity.

Listen to these healing tracks in a quiet & distraction free space to heal past wounds & merge with the heart of creation, soul inspiration & inner transformation.

These encoded frequency transmissions allow you to heal yourself, fall in love & marry your higher self, I AM Presence & Trusted Twin Flame.

Each healing track helps you integrate your sacred femininity & masculinity to claim your powers, own your gifts & master your highest destiny!



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