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Launch Date: June 1
Promotion Period: May 18 - May 31

Promotional Materials 

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Whitney Freya - https://artmedicine.us/signup/whitney/

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici - https://artmedicine.us/signup/amber/

Tamara Laporte - https://artmedicine.us/signup/tamara/

Andrea Gomoll - https://artmedicine.us/signup/andrea/

Anaiya Sophia - https://artmedicine.us/signup/anaiya/

Shiloh Sophia McCloud - https://artmedicine.us/signup/shiloh/

Benjamin Bernstein - https://artmedicine.us/signup/benjamin/

Albert Flynn DeSilver - https://artmedicine.us/signup/albert/

Flora Bowley - https://artmedicine.us/signup/flora/

Christina Miglino - https://artmedicine.us/signup/christina/

Sandra Ingerman - https://artmedicine.us/signup/sandra/

Beth Osmer - https://artmedicine.us/signup/beth/

Christa Forrest - https://artmedicine.us/signup/christa/

Stephanie Ignazio - https://artmedicine.us/signup/stephanie/

Susun Weed - https://artmedicine.us/signup/susun/

Jeanine Staples - https://artmedicine.us/signup/jeanine/

Anne Berube, PhD - https://artmedicine.us/signup/anne/

Angela Blaha - https://artmedicine.us/signup/angela/

Corrina Steward - https://artmedicine.us/signup/corrina/

Mary Reynolds Thompson - https://artmedicine.us/signup/mary/

Paula Tursi, MS,ERYT - https://artmedicine.us/signup/paula/

Shelley Klammer, MTC, RCS, REACE - https://artmedicine.us/signup/shelley/

Anahita Joon - https://artmedicine.us/signup/anahita/

Brent - https://artmedicine.us/signup/brentb/

Your Interview Air Date

Flora Bowley - June 1

Shiloh Sophia McCloud - June 2

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici - June 2

Corrina Steward - June 3

Tamara Laporte - June 3

Anaiya Sophia - June 4

Albert Flynn DeSilver - June 4

Anahita Joon - June 5

Christa Forrest - June 5

Sandra Ingerman, MA - June 6

Andrea Gomoll - June 6

Beth Osmer - June 7

Whitney Freya - June 7

Anne Berube, PhD - June 8

Mary Reynolds Thompson - June 8

Christina Miglino - June 9

Stephanie Ignazio - June 9

Paula Tursi, MS,ERYT - June 10

Shelley Klammer, MTC, RCS, REACE - June 10

Jeanine Staples - June 11

Benjamin Bernstein - June 11

Angela Blaha - June 12

Susun Weed - June 12

Brent Bishop - June 13

Solo Email Template

 Subject line options:

1.     This is What You’ve Been Praying For
2.     Paint, Pray and FLOW!
3.     Access the Pathway to Creative Freedom
4.     Collaborate with Divine Flow
5.     Your Creative Spirit is ready to DANCE!



The Divine is ready to collaborate with you!

There is a new body of work that is nudging you from the inside ready to come to life!

This is the powerful creative pressure that can bring you to your knees…and believe it or not this is actually a good thing.

When you surrender the mental loop of the WHAT and HOW and shift into A Prayer for Support and Guidance - your creative process will never be the same.

It’s in this moment that you’ve accepted the invitation from the Divine to take a spin on the dance floor and dip and stretch into new and exciting realms.

Answers to creative quandaries reveal themselves in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

New frontiers open like magic doors.

And… a world of creative freedom and possibility are your new normal.

Ah!!! Sounds like HEAVEN, right?!

Totally…AND practicing and conditioning your instrument is essential to create a quick path to Spirit and your Muse’s ear.

When you step into your next level of creative power it’s common for old fears and doubts to arise. No worries- it’s all part of the process.

These are sign posts that you are heading in the right direction and you don’t have to do it alone.

When you have a solid devotional and creative practice you will have the focus, confidence and power to create what is calling you and bring your sacred work to life!

This is why my friend Alexis Cohen, visionary artist, creativity mentor, and shamanic practitioner has created Paint, Pray, Flow.  It’s a complimentary interview series, starting June 1st, 2020.

It brings together more than 25 artists, healers, teachers and visionaries, including me! We will share our creative wisdom, tools and hands-on-techniques to connect to Divine Love, Peace and Prosperity.

Whether you’re new to the world of creativity and spirituality or a seasoned pro, this series is designed to support you as you collaborate with Divine Love and take your creativity to the next level!

Reserve your spot here at no cost:  

ACCESS YOUR CREATIVE FREEDOM <<<Sign Up Here! (speaker’s link)

This is a FREE and GROUNDING way to carve out time and space to CONNECT and LISTEN to Spirit through meditation, prayer, writing and art making in a community of visionaries just like YOU. (All faiths and spiritual belief systems are celebrated and welcome!) 

When you join us for this interview series (via your home computer or mobile device), you can expect to learn how to:

   •     Strengthen your relationship with the Divine and your Creative Spirit, so you can create the pathway to ease-fully bring forward your Sacred Body of Work.

   •     Address wounds and old patterns that surface as you step into your power, so you can continue expanding into your authentic self.

   •     Creatively contribute to the world during this transformative time, so you're finally able to live your vision of making the world a better place through your creative work.

   •     Incorporate spiritual and creative practices into your daily routine, to strengthen your connection to your power, let go of patterns that no longer serve you and access creative freedom, play and your next level of creativity.

   •     And so much more.

As an artist that supports other artists of the new paradigm, Alexis knows that when you walk hand and hand with the Divine the new creative frontiers that are needed during this powerful time of global transformation are revealed.

I can't wait to see you there. Reserve your spot for PAINT, PRAY, FLOW Interview Series here:

Your Creative Spirit is Calling! (speaker link)<<< Gain Access Here

Let’s step into this new space, supported by Spirit, brimming with creativity, and stand up as custodians for the new world that’s emerging.

In Creative Solidarity,


P.S. Get the support you need to build the endurance and patience to bring your sacred body of work to life! Join me and over 25 other experts for Paint, Pray, Flow Interview Series starting June 1st. Sign up here: Take Your Creativity All the Way. (speaker link)<<< Sign Up Here

Social Media & Newsletter Template

There’s a new body of work nudging you from the inside and the Divine is ready to collaborate with you!

That’s why my friend Alexis Cohen, artist and founder of Artist Ascension Academy has created Paint, Pray, Flow.  It’s a complimentary interview series, starting June 1st 2020.

Reserve your spot here at no cost:  

SAY YES TO YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT<<<Sign Up Here! (speaker’s link)

This is a FREE and GROUNDING way to carve out time and space to CONNECT and LISTEN to Spirit through meditation, prayer, writing and art making in a community of visionaries just like YOU. (All faiths and spiritual belief systems are celebrated and welcome!) 

© Copyright 2020 Alexis Cohen  All Rights Reserved.

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