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Art, Spirit & Entrepreneurship Access
Be ready to go at 8:55am Pacific, we start promptly at 9:00am Pacific

Art, Spirit & Entrepreneurship Schedule*

*Exact times are subject to change. To get the most out of our experience, attend LIVE on ZOOM as much as possible from 9:00am - 1:30pm Pacific on Friday, June 24th.  

All times outlined are in Pacific Time. Check your local time here.

Friday, June 24th, 2022 - Breaks will be made available throughout the day.

8:55am: Join the Zoom to get settled
9:00am: Intro with Alexis
10:00am: Effy Wild
10:40am: Ella Manor 
11:30am: Katie Kozlowski 
12:10pm: Cheryl Fidelman 
12:40pm: Closing with Alexis

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You’re Invited to the Divine Art of Creative Entrepreneurship Immersion! 

Join me for a gently guided and potent devotional art journey to access the blueprint that contains the instructions and codes on how to bring your sacred work to life!!

Offer Expires Tuesday, June 28th at 9:00am Pacific

Meet Your Speakers

Effy Wild


Brent Bishop


Katie Kozlowski

Energy & Embodiment Coach

Cheryl Fidelman

The Conscious Codependence Coach


Here are a few supportive guidelines to help make the most of your time as part of the event.


Find the spot in your home that feels cozy and creative for you. There is a combination of deep inner work, writing and art making. Tune into what you need in your space to feel safe and held.  


Your intention is your guiding star during this experience. Take a moment and set your course. Tune into the energy you’re bringing into this adventure and what you’d like to receive from the journey. 


Have your sketchbook and any art supplies that you love close at hand. 


Space is essential for dreaming and creating. You may want to keep your calendar spacious this day as you embark on this adventure into new creative frontiers. This is time carved out just for you and your Creative Spirit. 


We have done our absolute best to make this a unique experience for you so we encourage you to remove distractions by turning off your notifications, closing your browser tabs and allowing yourself the time and space to be fully present as you're experiencing this event and integrating what you're learning.


The replay will be released immediately following the event and will be available until Saturday, June 25th at 11:59pm Pacific.


Alexis is the founder of Art Medicine, LLC. She’s a visionary artist and Art Medicine Guide. Alexis supports Art Medicine Makers to weave their gifts of creativity, healing and transformation into devotional practices, sacred bodies of work and Divinely Inspired Businesses. 

She is also a shamanic practitioner and healer practicing for over 15 years.  She has a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State, and studied painting and drawing at the Art Academy and Center for Creative Exploration- both schools are in San Francisco.

She received her Shamanic and hypnotherapy certifications at Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley and ran a thriving Depth Hypnosis practice for 10 years. Depth Hypnosis is a healing modality that combines Shamanism, Transpersonal Psychology, hypnotherapy and Tibetan Buddhist Psychology.

She also supported 300 new souls entering the world during her decade-long career as a birth doula! 

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