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We Start In:

The Art Medicine Revolution has ended.

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I created the Art Medicine Circle Accelerator because...

I was seeing too many amazing artists, healers and visionaries turning away from their Divine Creative Assignments out of fear, getting stuck, not knowing HOW to bring their visions to life, and not giving themselves the time, space or  support to develop their unique gifts.  There was an entire community of brilliant creators stifled, doubting themselves and putting everyone’s needs before their own.

I totally get it. For years I put tons of pressure on myself to pick a path. To magically know how to bring to life all these exciting- but frustratingly vague- visions I had inside.  I would judge myself for being too sensitive. For not being enough of a fine artist. For not being enough of a healer.

This pressure only shut down my creative development and I hid away my gifts. After a Divinely Guided conversation with a friend, he encouraged me to study shamanism. It was during this training that I discovered the bridge between Art Making and Healing- between Spirit and Creativity.

With the support of Spirit guides, a Devotional Creative Practice and a Community I began to WEAVE the threads of all of my passions in healing, creativity, and spirituality into one path…the Art Medicine Path.

And this is the PATH I'm honored to share with YOU!

Here’s a little more about Your Guide…

Alexis Cohen is the founder of Art Medicine LLC. She is a Visionary Artist, Shamanic Healer and Art Medicine Guide practicing for over 17 years. She has a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State, and studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Art and Center for Creative Exploration- both schools in San Francisco.

She received her Shamanic and hypnotherapy certifications from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley and ran a trigging Depth Hypnosis practice for over 10 years.

She also supported 300 new souls entering the world during her decade-long career as a birth doula.

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