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Here’s a Brief overview of the Curriculum in each Level.
This is a general overview of the course. Please note that there are weekly LIVE sessions as well and there will be A LOT of spontaneous teaching and training that will occur in those sessions. We also have lots of BONUS materials as well.

The Curriculum:

We Kick off the certification with an Orientation Session! This event will be filled with an orientation, intention setting, connection and art making!


When you begin any journey it’s important to have a solid foundation and context for the experience. This allows the practitioner and the initiate to ground, focus and get clear... It is important that a safe and solid space is created so the guide and the initiate can open and access their own power, healing and information.

In Level 1 you’ll learn:

● Setting Context & A Strong Energetic Spaces
● Energetic Hygiene and Protection
● Characteristics of Rites of Passage
● How to Create potent rituals for Rites of Passage
● How to Create Grounding, opening and closing meditations
● How to Draw Energetic Blueprints and maps


In this Level you’ll work with the healing power of Creativity through the Art Medicine Painting Process and Devotional Practices. You’ll unlock communication between your inner knowing and what needs tending at the deepest level through art making. You’ll also learn how creative blocks and obstacles can be a doorway to deeper power as well as learning a potent framework to teach your own unique content.

In Level 2 you’ll learn:

● How to journey and connect to your Inner Healer & work with it as a guide
● Learn how to create a layered art medicine piece infused with healing and transformational energies
● How to work with creative blocks and obstacles as doorways to power
● How to create a potent devotional practice
● Self Care and a devotional practice as the foundation for your work or business
● Create your own content within the sequential art framework


A portal guardian straddles worlds- the physical and the spiritual - the ancient and the new- the old way of being and an emerging identity. You will learn how to guide others through initiations and rites of passage through a potent portal painting process.

The portals that are created are activated with the alchemical energy to support the release of the old way of being and is infused with the energy of the new vision. This process is designed to support any kind of change from death and birth to something more subtle but no less deep and profound.

In LEVEL 3 you’ll learn:

● Meditations and journeys to support the Portal Painting Process
● Create Your Own Transformative Portal Painting
● The step by step layering painting process that activates the healing process
● Go through your own Rite of Passage and step into your next level of Creative Power
● How to guide others through the process
● Variations on the Portal Painting Process
● Hands on experience and support

Level 4: THE GUIDE

This level supports you as you step into the role of GUARDIAN, FACILITATOR AND GUIDE. You’ve gone through the practices and processes to receive the codes of healing and transformation and now you get to guide others through their own journey of healing and transformation. You’ll take 1 or more people through the very same processes you just journeyed through- the Art Medicine Painting Process and the Portal Painting Process. You’ll deepen your own understanding of the material by guiding it and you’ll witness the transformation and healing in those you serve.

In level 4 you’ll learn:

● How to guide others through the Art Medicine Painting process
● How to guide others through the Portal Painting Process
● Variations on the Portal Painting Process
● How to structure and design Art Medicine Formats for 1:1 Sessions, Retreats and Weekly Classes


This level explores the Art Medicine Practitioner as a WEAVER and LEADER. You get to hone in on who you are called to serve and why. You may be called to create circles in your community, begin a business or add these processes to an existing business. The sky's the limit and this is time to carve out and listen to how Spirit is calling you to invite those you serve to gather.

In level 5 you’ll learn:

● How to hone in on Who You Serve + Why
● To create aligned invitations and marketing to call in your people
● How to approach entrepreneurship and teaching as a spiritual practice
● Get Clear on your role in the New Earth
● To Get clear on how to share your medicine
● How to craft your unique offers
● Create from an abundant mindset
● How to create business blueprints and maps
● How to work with money flow as a collaborator

The Certification experience is designed for you to go at your own pace. It can be completed in as little as 3 months or you have up to a year to get Certified with lots and lots of support!!

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