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Certification & Mentorship Program

Are you ready to step into your role as a true Catalyst for Transformation- guiding others on their journeys of healing and self discovery?

If you've been feeling a longing, a call to deepen your Divine Appointment and create art that heals and transforms your life AND you’re called to guide others to do the same…you’ve arrived at the right place.

You hold within you a potent medicine that’s needed for this pivotal time in history. You have the power and the vision and see and feel what others may not.

This is a great gift and sometimes it can be challenging to know what to do with it or how to share it with the world.

You’re a trailblazer and it takes space and time to cultivate and translate your medicine so you can make the biggest impact you’re called to make.

And this is where the Art Medicine Practitioner Certification™ and Mentoring Program comes in…a transformative training and mentorship that supports you in honing your skills, deepening your practice, and equips you with the tools to unleash your full potential as a creative guide and healer.

Embrace the Power of Art Medicine

Let's dive into the magical realm of Art Medicine. Picture it as a harmonious fusion of creativity and intention, a potent elixir for healing and transformation.

This sacred journey begins by nurturing your own personal growth and healing, which then reverberates outward to touch your community, the planet, and beyond.

As an Art Medicine Practitioner, you have the innate ability to turn paper and canvas into portals—doorways leading to the Divine. Through your art, you engage in a profound conversation between yourself and Spirit.

And... you’ll learn to guide others to do the same.

What Are the Benefits of Art Medicine?

Art Medicine Makes You Healthy:
Your Creative Spirit is your most potent healer. When you express what is on your heart, mind and Spirit, you come into alignment with the deepest YOU. This alignment is true HEALTH.

When a creative does not take the time to express themselves and make art, it can affect all levels of health and create Dis-Ease in the body. Yes! Making art makes you healthy! And you can guide others into their healthiest selves too!
Art Medicine is your Biggest Ally during times of Great Transition:
Art serves as an unconditional and potent guide when navigating through periods of significant times of change. During a Rite of Passage, where the old is falling away and the new is yet to arrive, regularly connecting to your Creative Power through artistic expression becomes essential. Your art becomes a solid vessel during times of uncertainty, carving a path forward and grounding you in the process.

Rites of passages and Initiatory times are both vulnerable and powerful experiences. By creating intentional art, you and those you guide tap into a profound truth that is more powerful than any fears that may arise throughout the journey.
Art Medicine Connects You to Your Spirit and Intuitive Powers:
As a creative leader entering new frontiers, you become a trailblazer who’s main navigation tool is your own inner guidance. Art Making serves as a profound channel for you to connect with your Spirit and tap into your intuitive powers.

During times of uncertainty, this deep connection becomes even more essential. It empowers you to trust your own insights and evoking the transformation in others with confidence. Through the transformative process of art, you cultivate a profound relationship with yourself as a creative leader, embracing your role as a guide and pioneer in unexplored realms.
Art Medicine Meets You Where You are on Your Creative & Spiritual Journey:
Whether you're a newcomer to the realms of Art and Spirituality or a seasoned traveler on this path, the Art Medicine Practitioner Certification™ is designed to activate and support you exactly where you stand. This program recognizes and honors your unique position on your creative and spiritual journey, offering guidance and transformative experiences tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.


An Art Medicine Practitioner is someone who wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to cultivating their unique medicine, using it for personal healing and transformation, and answering the call to share this medicine with the world.

You embrace yourself as a transformational artist and guide- working with your creativity as the main tool to usher yourself and others through healing and change.

You’re called to support individuals in breaking through to the next level in their lives. You understand the significance of maintaining your own well-being, alignment, and spiritual practices, while supporting others through their own healing and transformative journeys.

You have an interest in creating a livelihood from your creative medicine or up-leveling an existing practice.


A Certification and mentorship program for those who want to deepen their own connection to Creative power through transformational devotional art making practices and facilitate the transformation and healing in others through workshops, classes, courses, circles and/or work 1:1 with others.

Being an Art Medicine Practitioner gives you a clear and potent step by step process to guide others through their own healing, transformation and breakthroughs. And we support you to innovate and take the tools and make them your own.

This Certification meets you where you are. You may have an existing practice or business as a healthcare provider, coach, mentor or healer and this Certification provides tools and a context to allow you to go deeper with your clients. OR you may want to begin a brand new journey and this certification gives you the foundation and training to start.


  • You’re called to make art that heals and transforms and you would like to guide others to do the same
  • You’re called to support others during times of change or transition through creative processes and practices
  • You want to support others to breakthrough to their next level in their lives
  • You would like to be of service with your art and creativity
  • You’re ready to deepen your relationship to Spirit
  • You’re ready to heal at the root of anything that holds you back
  • You’re ready to create your next level of creative work


  • Not open to change
  • Attached to a victim story
  • You’re not opened to painting
  • You have no interest in working with others
  • Resistant to charging for your offerings
  • You’re a dabbler- this is a super fun process AND it’s for committed creators that want to make a difference through their creativity and guide others to do the same


Prepare to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual expansion within the Art Medicine Practitioner Certification™ + Mentorship Program.

Through a rich tapestry of spiritual and creative practices, transformative processes, and deep explorations -this certification goes beyond personal growth.

It empowers you to guide others through their own sacred rites of passage and healing, becoming a catalyst for their transformation. You will receive comprehensive training and mentorship to develop the skills and knowledge needed to skillfully support individuals on their transformative journeys, helping them break through barriers and unlock their full potential.

As you progress through the program, you will not only deepen your own art medicine practice but also receive guidance and mentorship to develop your own thriving Art Medicine Business or seamlessly integrate these potent processes into your existing practice.

This program is a transformative gateway, enabling you to embrace your role as an inspiring guide and healer, making a meaningful impact in the lives of others through the power of art and spiritual connection.

I created the Art Medicine Practitioner Certification™ because...

I created the Art Medicine Practitioner Certification™ because you, as an Art Medicine Maker, have a unique role during this transformative time. Your Sacred Work carries the frequencies needed to usher in a greater vision for humanity and the planet.

In our community, I've met countless individuals with beautiful medicine, a deep desire to support the evolution and awakening happening around us. A calling that they were meant for more. However, they often feel unsure of where to begin.

This nudge is a calling to step into the next level of creative power and service- a call to be a leader and a guide.

That's where the Certification comes in—it serves as a bridge, connecting you to your purpose and guiding your path. The transformation starts within you and extends far beyond, allowing you to become the channel that brings your creative vision to life and to guide others to do the same.

Joining the certification offers a profound opportunity where you can embrace your innate powers and learn how to support others to connect to their creative power during times of great change.


Beautifully designed Guide Sheets to accompany you to guide 1:1 sessions, groups and workshops- filled with step by step processes to support your clients.
3 Monthly LIVE group mentoring and Q&A sessions for 1 year.
Access to the private Art Medicine Practitioner community platform for ongoing support and connection.


Access to the Art Medicine Circle:
A gathering place where we travel through magical realms to connect to your creative power, transform yourself, and connect healing and art so that you shine your light into the world. Includes an online portal and a monthly live call + virtual art studio time.


Having had an art practice for many years, I found that Art Medicine gave me a totally fresh approach. It connected me more deeply with my own creative power and intuition.

If you hear a whisper calling you, listen carefully. It may be an invitation to step in and allow your heart to sing. You don’t need great artistic prowess, as you’ll be gently guided along the Art Medicine path that meets you wherever you may be in your life.

Jump in, the water is warm and we are waiting for you!

- Margriet FitzGerald

Every human on the planet requires a dose of their own true magic... It is my own experience that Practitioners are supported, trained and guided to be in their own MAGIC while given the structure to create ART MEDICINE.

This process, this practice is for everyone. Every human being on the planet. Being an Art Medicine Practitioner is just the beginning. Everyone is truly the artist of their own birth. It is also a very joyful process, fun, with openings so small and so huge.

I've learned to really slow down, take baby steps, speed up when necessary and enjoy the experiences. The Art Medicine team provides a safe, highly creative space where supporting each other is key to all of us moving forward to create what is in our HEARTS.

Sally McGrew

I loved experiencing the process first and then understanding how to share it. Doing the paintings I learnt more about myself and can feel the support they offer in themselves, this brings value to my sharing it later on.

The course is set out in an easy to follow manner with regular check in times. Plenty of support and guidance. It’s added an extra dimension to my toolkit which is invaluable and extremely powerful.

The space is lovingly held and gentle in its approach, there is plenty of support and care you just have to reach out and take it.

Jump in, be curious, play and have fun along the way.

Katrina Evans

I am so grateful for this program and Alexis!. It has given me the confidence, skill and template to easily lead others through the process.

Before finishing the program I led two 3-day weekend retreats guiding women through the Portal Process and two, ½ day workshops. It has truly been transformational for me personally as well as professionally. It has given me another healing modality to offer in my practice as a Chiropractor.

The community of women in the cohort was an added benefit that helped ground and embody the experiences we were all moving through. The sharing and witnessing others process is such a powerful experience.

I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to self through the creative process of Art as well as learn a new process that can be utilized to help others!

Beyond Grateful!

Dr. Katey Hauser

If you feel drawn to do the course: trust your intuition!

I felt drawn to use the Art Medicine process in my work in a way I never could imagine, pioneering new ways of bringing healing in the field I work in. I am still exploring its full potential, combining it lately with other ways of bringing healing, like voice and sound and mantras.

I feel the open, encouraging attitude of Alexis was very helpful for this to happen: she stimulates you to learn from her what she can transmit and then “run” with it in your own unique way, at no moment limiting you with “shoulds or don’ts”. Very precious!

Ilja van de Griend

Art Medicine has opened me up so deeply to my own intuition and knowings- softening the heavy-handed “logic side of the brain” in a deeply life changing way. It has been an absolute pleasure to guide others through this deep process.

To anyone considering taking the AMPC Program- if you have found your connection to the process of Art Medicine has changed you for the better, and you have a strong knowing that your place in the world is working with others on this deep of a level- this is an incredible way to do just that! Alexis holds a very grounded and welcoming space, allowing for growth and connections within her circles- I have found those in her spaces are also very supportive and compassionate!

Chelsie Aniceto


Tell me more about an Art Medicine Practitioner as a Portal Guardian:
A Portal Guardian is someone who is drawn to transformational and healing work for themselves and is called to guide others through their own threshold moments and rites of passage.

It is someone who is calm and clear during times of change or calmer than most under pressure. People seek you out for support or guidance when something is going on in their lives. You are inclined to support people during big changes or transitions in their lives.

You want to be there to support people when they are making a change in their lives.

It fulfills you and lights you up to be of service to people moving into something new in their lives.

Sometimes it’s the obvious in the physical world rites of passages like birth, marriage, death, or perhaps you are called to support people with more subtle changes and transitions like healing internal trauma, accessing their next level of vision, taking a step in a new creative or professional direction.

A Portal Guardian supports another as they walk through the doorway into their next chapter of their life. You are comfortable or excited to work within the Spirit and Physical Realms and to support others to do the same.

You are drawn to supporting others to connect to the Spirit World and their own creative power.

During Rites of Passages and Transformations the veil to the Spirit world is thin.
You hold space and guide the initiate through art and spiritual practices back to their own power.

How long does the Certification program take?
You could complete the Art Medicine Practitioner Training in as little as 3 months, or take up to a year to finish the trainings. The Certification program is designed so you can work at your own pace so you can set the foundation of your own creative and healing rhythms. Once certified, the Certification Term is a lifetime term and starts the day that your Certification is granted.

What can I expect from the Certification program?

  • Clarity and presence within yourself, relationships and in your work
  • Spiritual connection
  • Access to divine wisdom and insights
  • Deep spiritual healing
  • Deeper alignment with your true path & purpose
  • Freedom to be the artist you dream of being
  • Learn how to guide others through healing and transformation
  • How to integrate art medicine into an existing practice or build the foundation for a new business

Here are logistical things you can expect through this program:

  • Inspiring assignments to embody the teachings and unleash your creative spirit
  • A loving, encouraging environment to learn
  • Virtual training material including videos and Guide Sheets
  • Monthly live group Mentorship and Q&A calls for support
  • Private Community Hub for connecting with other Practitioners and mentors to support you
  • A sacred space to cultivate your Art Medicine
  • Hands on practice and training

What do I get as an Art Medicine Practitioner?
Going through the Certification program gives you the potent experience of healing and transforming yourself, becoming a skilled transformational guide for others as well as support and mentorship for business development or integration into an existing practice.

As a Certified Art Medicine Practitioner you will receive a Certificate for successfully completing and passing all of the creative exercises included in each level.

As a Certified Art Medicine Practitioner you can create a joyful and vibrant practice/career as a healing artist, mentor, guide, teacher, and creative entrepreneur facilitating transformational art workshops, classes, courses, circles and/or work 1:1 with others.

How do I enroll?
Because we want to ensure that the Certification is the best fit, we do require anyone who wishes to enroll to fill out an application and to book a session with an Art Medicine Team Member. In that session, we'll see if it’s a good fit and open up space for you to ask any questions you may have before enrolling.

What happens after I enroll?
After enrolling, you will also receive all of the information regarding our live group sessions, and access to the Certification portal via the email you used to sign up.

A Little More About Your Guide…
Alexis Cohen is the founder of Art Medicine LLC. She is a Visionary Artist, Shamanic Healer and Art Medicine Practitioner practicing for over 17 years. She has a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State, and studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Art and Center for Creative Exploration- both schools in San Francisco.

She received her Shamanic and hypnotherapy training and certifications from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley and ran a thriving Depth Hypnosis practice for over 10 years.

She also supported 300 new souls entering the world during her decade-long career as a birth doula.


By stepping in you’re committing to your next level of Spiritual Inquiry, Creative Development and Service- this is an exciting moment.

This is you marking the moment! Saying YES to the medicine that is ready to be shared through you.

I’m happy dancing with you;-)

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