Mellissae Lucia

Sacredly Subversive Selfies: Self-Portraiture as a Spiritual Practice

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Mellissae Lucia is an Earthenbody Artist and indie deck creator who navigates her life through the power of sacred play. Her award-winning Oracle of Initiation deck was birthed during a seven-year quest after the death of her husband from cancer. During this resurrection journey, she created over 70,000 ritualistic Painted Body photographs alone, nude, and ceremonially painted in subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico for this liquid light, otherworldly Oracle to reclaim your instinctual sovereignty.

She offers many online courses, including her yearly Deep Play adventure and The Radiance Reclaimed: Earthenbody Immersions in Georgia O’Keeffe’s hidden New Mexico landscape for women to reclaim their embodied authority, joy, and self-trust.

She is currently developing the Nördic Witches Kinship Kit, featuring the shapeshifting Völvas and writing the screenplay of her Grimm’s fairytale upbringing in her old-world German Grandparent’s home filled with liminal passageways that initiated her into her Northern animistic ways.

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