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Janice Gallant is an artist, writer, creative mystic and a guide for women’s personal empowerment. She lives in Central Alberta with her family. Janice began painting at an early age of 8 years old when her father set up the kitchen table with oil paints, walking her through her first creations. She was immersed in the art world through her father and his love of painting, and the family gallery and framing shop. She has studied under numerous artists and had some formal training, however, her inspiration comes from nature and she continues to grow and learn through the process of "just being" and teaching others how to align with their creative flow.

Soulfully Aligned Women was created by Janice as she worked to integrate creative flow, manifesting and personal empowerment in her walk as a mystic. She has always had a strong connection to this flow, what she calls her creative energy source, and has learned to fine tune this connection for manifesting a life full of creativity, and abundance in all ways. Her book, The Creation Guild, was written as a guide for all creative souls to help them refine their own craft of manifesting. Janice’s journey into the mystic path began back in 1995 when she trained under a shaman for 3 years.

She continued to lean into her psycho-spiritual development and self-actualization journey under many other teachers through the years. Janice mentors women in their own self-awareness growth and offers online painting workshops and programs that access personal empowerment. Her current certification program The Soulfully Aligned Creative Mystic is beginning this summer and is a beautiful 9 month journey of the inner path of discovery to the deepest depths of your soul. It is a sacred journey of remembering who you are and then bringing this out to the world in your own way to help inspire and awaken women around the world to their truest potential.

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