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Alexis Cohen is the founder of Art Medicine, LLC, Visionary Artist, Art Medicine Practitioner and Film Producer. Alexis helps purpose-driven creatives interweave healing, self-expression and spiritual connection into their practices and businesses.

Alexis brings over a decade of experience as a birth doula into her current Art Medicine and mentorship practice. Having supported nearly 300 souls entering this world, she has witnessed the courage of the human spirit passing through intense thresholds of change.

This work honed Alexis' ability to hold compassionate space for transformative initiations. She now applies that skill in guiding purpose-driven creatives through their artistic and professional births and rebirths.

Alexis believes that sacred medicine lives inside us all.

Her forthcoming feature film that she is co-producing with her writer/director husband, Brent, infused with mysticism and meaning, represents Alexis’ latest creative dream brought to life.

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